It's important to me to grow and continually challenge myself as an artist and find new techniques and styles through fresh subject matter. Whether I'm outdoors painting a la plein air, or in my studio I try and capture the beauty and energy of what I see before me. When I'm painting outdoors, by the time I haul all my materials to the location, despite the bugs, heat, wind, and changing light, I am ready to embrace the peacefulness of the landscape around me. Painting outdoors completely transports me. My focus becomes trying to capture that beauty on canvas. In my studio, I control all of the elements, lighting, composition, mood...using objects like vases and jars or favorite dishes to set a scene. I always paint with music in the background. It's the process that draws me in and is a constant adventure.

I think my best paintings are done spontaneously, emphasizing atmosphere, color, and design with a certain playfulness. If people have an emotional connection, something that touches them about my work...that is an artist's greatest thrill and the magic of painting!
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